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Shot in the summerof 2018 and completed in February 2019, Miu is a daring and unique hybrid dramatised documentary that explorese the final days of Miu, a colourful young man who moved to London from Hong-Kong to become an Architect. Combining re-enactments and interviews with the few people who knew him, ‘Miu’ is about the anonymity of being a foreigner in a big city and how easy it is to lose your way.

Miu was directed by Yaël Lotem and co-written by Yaël Lotem and Conor Keane. It was shot on location at London Fields and Broadway Market.




Written & Directed by Yaël Lotem

Produced by Kate Phibbs

Cinematography by Alana Mejia Gonzaléz

Production Design by Miryam Jacomini & James Reading

Edited by Mirjam Jegorov

Music by Roshan Gunga

Sound Design by Kevin Langhamer

Colour Grading by

Liz Glennard