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The Phoenix is the story of the rekindling of lifelong a friendship  when Martha’s elderly mother dies. Gloria decides to accompany Martha on a final trip aboard The Phoenix, the similarly ageing canal boat Martha grew up on, to the boat yard where she plans to sell it.

Shot on 35mm, The Phoenix was written and directed by Alice Seabright and shot on location on the River Lea in east London and The Grand Union Canal in Denham.





Written & Directed by Alice Seabright

Produced by Kate Phibbs & Paida Mutonono

Cinematography by Alana Mejia Gonzaléz

Production Design by Tessa Flanagan

Costumes by Holly Smart

Casting by Isabella Odoffin

Edited by Jamie King

Music by Stephanie Taylor

Sound Design by Adam Shuttleworth

DFX by

Liam Wedge
Ysabel King


Joanna Bacon Gloria

Joanne Pearce Martha

Mike Wozniak Stick

Steve Oram Connor