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Lilias Adie

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  • 5 mars 20215 mars 2021

In early 18th century Scotland, Lilias Adie, a kind middle-aged woman, is accused of witchcraft by a jealous neighbour. Starring Kate Dickie, Kris Hitchen, Isis… Lire la suite »Lilias Adie

The Passing

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  • 19 novembre 201919 novembre 2019

Yasmine is a talented mortician, she is renowned for her work and making the deceased look their best for their departure into the afterlife. But… Lire la suite »The Passing

Home From Home

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  • 19 novembre 201919 novembre 2019

Clara, an older woman living alone in the city, takes in Samir, a young Kurdish refugee. Two displaced strangers, both dreaming of “home”, keep missing… Lire la suite »Home From Home

Almost There

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  • 1 août 20191 août 2019

On an train journey without stops or destination, an observer goes to extreme lengths to avoid other passengers, a giant baby runs away from his… Lire la suite »Almost There


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  • 22 février 201922 février 2019

Shot in the summerof 2018 and completed in February 2019, Miu is a daring and unique hybrid dramatised documentary that explorese the final days of… Lire la suite »Miu


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  • 3 février 20193 septembre 2020

Jaq wants to have sex. But her Endometriosis is out to sabotage her: with chronic pain and unpredictable bleeding – right at the very worst… Lire la suite »End-O

The Phoenix

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  • 3 février 20197 mars 2019

  The Phoenix is the story of the rekindling of lifelong a friendship  when Martha’s elderly mother dies. Gloria decides to accompany Martha on a final… Lire la suite »The Phoenix


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  • 19 février 201819 novembre 2019

La Pêche Productions was created by Kate Phibbs during her studies at the National Film & Television School, from where she graduated in 2019. With a… Lire la suite »About